What are Indian parents? Suyash Mehta had a field day with a Twitter question after reports that he was ready to become the first Indian-born NBA referee.
After sharing two pictures from a Twitter handle checked by journalist Shashank Bengali, she said, “Alexa, what are Indian parents?” There was an online buzz with the title. One of the pictures was originally posted by handle @ hoopistani, referring to Mehta’s appointment as an “Indian origin” referee. Another replied to that post, “Why not an NBA player?”
Wednesday’s tweet started a flood of impossible high standards set by Asian parents for their children. Tweeple Mehta has written about other careers to choose from. “Why the orthopedic team? Why the doctor’s jury? Why not the vice president?”
Jokes about desi parents’ expectations of their children are common among immigrant Indians. “Indian parents ask for an MBA, not an NBA,” someone responded.
One user sympathized, “I can tell you from experience, Chinese parents are the same!” Pat said, “Imagine the pressure one parent has on the Indian and the other Chinese! OMG !!!”


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