New York: Are you suffering from asthma? Then avoid synthetic mattresses because a new study says it exacerbates asthma rather than feather products because it contains a large amount of fungal cells.
The international team found that synthetic mattresses contain higher levels of fungal beta glucan than feather mattresses, which are non-allergenic by fungal cell walls, which make up 60 percent of the cell’s weight.

“This study adds further compelling evidence that feather mattress is better than synthetics if you have asthma. Beta glucan is associated with anti-inflammatory and lung function changes, including peak flow variability in children.
“There have already been a number of international studies showing that synthetic bedding is associated with more asthma symptoms compared to a feather mattress,” said Rob Siebers, lead researcher at the University of Otago.

For their study, the researchers looked at 178 samples from 35 floors, 35 beds, 35 duets, and 73 pillows. The total beta glucan level of synthetic pillows is two to three times higher than that of feather pillows.


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