Is she pregnant or not? 21-year-old Sukruti Kumar went to Dr Vishakha Munjal of Saket for an answer. The corporate intern was stoned at a party a few weeks ago and does not remember whether she and her partner had sex that night. I was so drunk, I never realized what happened, she told the doc. Familiar with taking emergency contraceptive (EC) pills, she hasn’t worried much since her periods started. But later, when there was excessive bleeding, there was a suspicion that something was not right.
Gynecologists are dealing with an acute spike in menstrual problems in young adult women who have been using OTC EC pills and abortion pills uncontrolled and repeatedly (for 45 days to fetuses). They check the dosage on the internet, make their own calculations. Without understanding the consequences, they descend into incomplete abortion. They are terrified of uncontrolled bleeding, or do not get their periods, ” says Dr. Tewari, more than 50% of his clients, aged 18 to 20, all have pill-related complications.

Widely advertised ECs such as i-Pill and Unnecessary 72 are popular. However, they are used as casual contraception, not in an emergency. When you’re with your boyfriend, you don’t want to use condoms, says De Bina, a 21-year-old job-hunting graduate. Complications? Times. But you prefer sex without a condom, she reiterates. In such cases, it is the ECs to the rescue. Frequent use? Some put on weight, while others don’t feel right. But the body gets used to it, she says.


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