London: Men who do household chores are more likely to marry a girl of their choice, and British men are happier doing these things, according to a study by Oxford University.
The study suggests that if you want to settle down, the chances of you getting married or living with someone are probably higher in Britain, the Scandinavian countries and the United States, where men do household chores and do more than their Australian counterparts.

According to Oxford economists, marriage and coexistence rates in developed countries can be linked to attitudes toward the roles of men and women and who are responsible for doing housework and looking after children.
Both men and women have shown that they prefer direct relationships with the opposite sex if they feel that their partner is doing a share of the homework and childcare duties.

The study builds on the ‘egalitarian index’ of 12 developed countries based on responses to the questionnaires on gender, homework and childcare responsibilities.

Norway and Sweden topped the egalitarian index, while Britain was third, followed by the United States.


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