MUMBAI: At one time the country was suffering from the H1N1 virus and the Tamiflu tablet is believed to be the only solution, leading medical doctors today claim that people can get low-cost treatments for homeopathy for swine flu.
“People can take some cost-effective and clinically proven homeopathic medicines for the treatment and prevention of swine flu,” said Dr. Mukesh Batra, president and managing director of Batra Positive Clinic.

Batra recommends `Acylococcinium 30` and `influencium 200 ಗಾಗಿ for swine flu prevention and improving immunity in the general population towards flu.
“Homeopathic medicine Shadi ‘Gelsemium 30’ has proven to be clinically effective in treating swine flu in France over a decade ago, and reported in the British Journal of Clinical Medicine,” Batra said.

Similarly, during the war of 1917-18 in Spain, swine flu was treated with ‘Bryonia 30’ and it proved to be effective, he said.

With respect to Spanish flu, homeopathy has brought the mortality rate from 30 per cent to one per cent, he says.


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