London: It’s a dream come true for tired-moms – a revolutionary new coat bed that mimics the sensation of pregnancy to keep babies happy at night.

The EasyDream mattress, invented by six-year-old British mother Linda Harding, has a series of inflatable pads that, when placed beneath an existing bed, reduce babies’ stay time by 90%.

The pads slowly fill with air and then deform again, which mimics the rocking motion. And, a cute toy clipped on the side of the coat transmits the sound of a sheep’s mother’s heartbeat, and with a choice of sounds like a vacuum cleaner and music.

The Daily Mail reports that the movement of the pads encourages infants to lie on their backs, which is recommended as a safe place for infants under six months of age.

The 44-year-old Harding, who struggled to sleep with her youngest child, Bradley, said: “Insomnia is draining. This product was divine for me, so I want to help other parents.”

Now, researchers at the University of Brighton have also developed a prototype. The product will be launched at the Baby Show in London in October.

Jean Tarrant of the Royal College of Midwives said: “Babies respond to their mother’s heartbeat or white noise and it usually sends them to sleep. Rocking motion also helps. Anything that reminds you of pregnancy is useful.”


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