Sanjay Kapoor, brother of producer Boney Kapoor and actor Anil Kapoor, recently opened up about nepotism in Bollywood. According to him, it took him 25 years to work.

Speaking about the same on a reality show, Sanjay said that finally this nepotism took twenty-five years to work. The actor said he has known Karan for almost 30 years. Sanjay has said that it is a pleasure to have worked and not to be nepotistic.

Explaining further, Kapoor said that people should understand it, otherwise they would be the busiest actors. According to him, with the number of people the actor knows, he was doing his best.

Sanjay said it was not fair to impair someone’s work or career by saying that it was due to nepotism.

The term nepotism became a household name after Kangana Ranaut was accused in a chat show by Karan Johar, calling the actress a ‘torch bearer of nepotism’ in Bollywood. After the recent tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the ‘Queen’ actress sparked debate.


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