Manoj Bajpayee has revealed details about his next, which he promises to be a grilling thriller entertainer. Revealing the details of the venture, he shared on Twitter, “I am excited to announce my next thriller drama # DIAL100 with my very talented and beautiful co-star @ Neenagupta 001 and #Sensinwar under the direction of @RensilDSilva. Drama and suspense have already made me fall in love. Can’t wait to start this journey! “Nina Gupta has also expressed her ‘super thrill’ for the film.

The last time Manoj Bajpai wrote an entertaining role was in ‘Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari’. Manoj Bajpayee, in an interview with BT, said: “It is finally happening. We are getting the kind of characters we want in films that talented filmmakers are producing. They are coming up with new stories and different types of storytelling. Their demands are different. They want their actors to be as good as any other actor in the world. We must strive to meet their expectations. ”

Zealous music lover Manoj Bajpayee recently collaborated with filmmaker Anubhav Sinha to create the Bhojpuri rap number ‘Bombay Main Ka Ba’.


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