Canadian singer Justin Bieber recently defended his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez on behalf of his wife, Hayley Baldwin, when he was asked to bully Baldwin.

Reportedly, 26-year-old singer Selena Gomez targeted a fan and encouraged others to bully Bieber’s wife Baldwin during an Instagram live chat.

“[We] King needs to blow up the bomb as Selena is fine with Jelena. Then go, please, let’s all go after her, “said the fan (via Billboard). Byber posted on her Instagram Story Thursday night,” This sad excuse

Human encourages people in the video to literally go after my wife tells people to say that my previous relationship was better. ”

“It’s very hard to choose a high road when you see people like this trying to rally and rally to bring the people I love the most into the world. It’s not okay,” Bieber added.

Reportedly, Bieber tied the knot with Baldwin, a 24-year-old supermodel at Manhattan Courthouse in 2018, and celebrated with a big wedding in South Carolina the following year. He and Gomez had dated on and off years ago

Breaking good in early 2018.

In another Instagram story on Thursday, Bieber said that the actions of the fans would not “steal my happiness.”

“After seeing that I could easily steal my happiness, but I think of her life and how she must be miserable to spend her life trying to make others feel small,” Byber wrote. “The lesson here is SHES THE ONE MISSING OUT.”

According to the report, the religious star asked his fans to “lift us up in prayer.”


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