Hollywood star Isla Fisher finds plenty of fairy tales offensive when she pushes gender stereotypes or shows women as damsels in trouble. Fisher says she tweaks such stories when reading to her children.

“I think a lot of fairy tales are a little offensive,” Fisher said while opening up about what kind of fairy tales his children read.

“They’re pushing a certain kind of men, you know, a woman protected by a prince or, as a motherless woman, an abandoned woman, or a stepmother as a witch,” said the mother of three.

Fisher continued: “So, as a lot of these stereotypes are really patronizing, they don’t fit my ideals. So, I always improve them and, you know, rethink them and I always say ‘good or smart and always exchange beautiful words or whatever all modern moms do.’ We try to make old stereotypes out there. ”

For Fisher, happiness does not always include a castle or a prince – and that is the message that all young women want to convey.

“For young women who look up, you know, happiness does not include a castle, a prince and a garment. These may be the blessings you have in your life – your family or work,” she said.

Fisher tries to push his perspective on the upcoming fantasy comedy ‘Godmother’. The film, starring Fisher, tries to give spin to several fairy tales. In the film, a young and quite inexperienced fairy godmother played by Jillian Bell appears to be the only mother who gets an unexpected turn of life.

Speaking about her first day on the set, Fisher said: “It’s always been really nervous rocking for me. I always think, ‘Oh, no, everyone realizes that I’ve been miscast.’ It gets thrown out the window. It’s like being fresh out of school. You want to do a really good job and try your best. ”

‘The Godmother’ stars Santiago Cabrera, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Jane Curtin, June Squibb, Jillian Shea Spader, Villa Sky, Artemis Pebdani and Uttarkash Ambudkar.


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