Aparshakti Khurana landed in Bollywood in 2016. Four years down the line, this man is at ease, happy and resilient. He has not yet caught up with his brother Ayushman in a race that flagged off his Bollywood career in 2012, but not too far. But did you know that this week our guest studied law at college at #HowIMadeIt and then led the under-19 cricket team?

#HowIMadeIt, Aphashakti Khurana: "People run up to me for autographs, thinking I am an Ayushman"

Starting with ‘Saat Uchakki’, Aparaktakshi was soon sitting behind the steering wheel. ‘Dangal’ was not in his lap at any time – he knew in his heart that it would not bomb. He didn’t get ell but we bet Mr. Perfectionist and talented filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari is over the moon – his game is over there. “Aamir Khan sir was shorthand for that role,” he tells Itims.

But of course, there are those who are speed-breakers on their journey of discernment. He went through some trials and tribulations, “I was considered for a role in ‘Robtha’ which didn’t happen to me. Then I made a film called ‘Bobbu Ki Jawani’ which was never released.” However, the share of discretionary auditions were not high. “That is why I did not go through many tests in Mumbai. But the negatives to Aaj Bhee Kabhi Na Kabhi Hote Hai. Success and acceptance do not teach you what rejection and failure are; they teach you what areas or areas you need to get better.

And keep in mind, Aparnakti does not mind his brother Ayushmann’s weird resemblance. Oh, they look so similar on the screen, wrong. Don’t go through how Appearance looks here – but in many scenes in many movies, many of us thought we could pass up as identical twins. Gone are the days when people ran behind him and asked for an autograph when they mistakenly thought they were Ayushmann. Without batting an eyelid, he replied, “Yes, it did. But I greatly enjoy it. Ayushmann and I prove to be true brothers.”

And bet you didn’t know this! Ayushmann cautioned against entering into irrelevant films. “When I first told him about my homework, he told me I hadn’t done it.” And then? Well, then Aparcakthi did a lot of theater and the rest is history as they say. Another question is whether Ayushmann is cool with the two brothers. “I am not a hot head,” says Aparakshti.

Rewind Apparently he speaks of his short time as a lawyer and cricketer before ‘Saat Uchakki’ occurs. Yes, he wanted to be one of the two as soon as he finished his education. The first was the same as the one he had given since he graduated in law. But after a brief training under the senior counsel of the Delhi High Court, he felt that he was not cut out to fight cases. “This is not my Asitwa, this is not me. Muje log raha tha. I was not enjoying it; I was tough. Tell me more because Mary Koi Office May Sun Nahi Raha Tha says most when she quits a job. Lekin legal knowledge Hamesh Kam Aati Hai. “I don’t have ki mujee surf middle stump high dich. It’s a sport for teenagers. They have nothing but sports. Again I don’t want to make excuses. Those who can pay attention are highly acclaimed.In any era, it is the most difficult thing to be an athlete ”Aisa nahi tha ki muje actor Hi bannah tha kar kuch nahi. This journey was decided by Destiny and finally I got the satisfaction I was looking for when I switched to theater. ”

The clincher, or rather, the turning point? Maybe the way they did the ‘Dangal’ audition was pure, organic and a clincher in the way they did. “I auditioned for a scene that said ‘Aamir sir and Sakshi Tanwar mam ki’ Commonwealth ka mamla hai nahi le sakte, medal yahin ana chahiye ‘. High because I’m a failed athlete. ”

‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’, ‘Rajama Chawal’, ‘Happy Firr Bhag Jayegi’, ‘Stree’, ‘Luca Chuppi’, ‘Street Dancer’, ‘Jabariya Jodi’, ‘Patti Patni Whar Woh’ and ‘Bala’ Guest Adhered to, but the impersonality was never here, he thought he was here. “There have been a number of legends in the 80s and 90s that may or may not have been relevant now, or even some actors from 2000-2010. This is always your last two films. And of course the other important criterion — the substantial roles that have been noted — was played by this man.

Abhakshakti, when asked, says that he has a very understanding and complaining wife (Amruti Ahuja) because his profession requires him to be shot at odd hours. “She’s in a corporate job and has a busy lifestyle. She’s just as busy with her work. We’ve put together a considerable amount of this journey and we both want to be like this.” Touchwood.


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