This is BTS band-member Jin’s 28th birthday today, but he has a real gift for his fans as he dropped an emotional solo track called ‘Abyss’.

In a letter posted on the group’s blog, the singer opened up about the feeling of being ‘severely burned’ by having so many thoughts about her.

He said, “Recently, at a press conference, ‘I don’t want to share my sad feelings with fans. Because I only want to show them something good. However, I feel differently if it’s through music. I don’t like sharing it with my daily actions, but I think it’s okay to show them through music. ”

“To tell you the truth, I was severely burned recently, and I think that’s because I have so many thoughts about me,” he said.

The K-pop star revealed that he was struggling with his ideas and wanted to put everything on paper. With the encouragement of his label boss and band-mate RM, he wrote the lyrics for his latest track.

Lastly, speaking of a track that is high on emotion, Hin said, “It’s a little depressing song that doesn’t fit on a birthday, but it’s unclear if it was released on my birthday, so we just released ‘Abyss’.”

Jin has released various solo songs with BTS including ‘Awake’, ‘Epiphany’, and ‘Moon’.


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