Dharmendra will soon be entering her 85th year and she is still excited to be on camera as she is in her first film. The Ace actor recently opened up about his upcoming films, his biggest worry and more.

Talking to news portal, it is reported that Dharmendra has stopped counting his age after completing 60 years. According to him, no matter what your age, you should keep your passion alive. The veteran actor said he has a childlike passion for the little things that give life. He keeps himself excited by thinking about what to do next as an actor.

Further explaining, Dharmendra’s camera loves him, and when he is in front of it he becomes a different man. According to him, the actor dreamed of becoming an actor and became one of his fans. However, he revealed that his biggest worry is that his fans can stop loving him. So, he bases himself and still considers himself a newcomer. The actor says that he needs to experiment with different roles.

Dharmendra said it was open to work on the web series. He believes audience tastes change every decade. So, you have to give them the kind of movies they enjoy. He said he couldn’t stop being an actor and would do a web show. The actor is just waiting for a good chance.

Dharmendra was last seen in ‘Yamala Pagla Diwana Fir Se’ in 2018. Next, he will be appearing in ‘Apne 2’ where he will star with sons Sunny and Bobby Deol and their grandson Karan Deol.


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