Remember the beautiful hunk who ruled millions of hearts through his first music video ‘Chad do Anchal’? Yes, we are angry with women, Rajneesh Dugal, Mr. Talking about Grasim India (2003), thanks to his chiseled body and swoon-worthy look, it got him all the attention

Rajneesh, who is a model, debuted in Vikram Bhatt’s horror film ‘1920’ in 2008. His journey from modeling to acting was not easy but the actor learned how to smile and fight all odds despite obstacles. From breaking perceptions to nurturing his family, Rajneesh worked hard to earn a place in the film industry and emerge as a successful actor. For this week’s ‘Against All Odds’ segment, Etims got in touch with Rajneesh Dugal to learn more about his struggles, failures and his success story.

Excerpt from the interview.

Lockdown diaries

I now have a lockdown completed and am in the process of filming my next projects. I remember I was filming ‘Bagawat’ in March before the lockdown. Then we were shooting in Lucknow. Thank God we decided to stop the shoot before locking down and get back home. Then during Lockdown, I did gardening, writing, doing some online masterclasses, cooking a little, and spending time with my daughter and wife. This is a good time to be with family. But then again, the whole lockdown is too long and we are starting to see how our economy is impacting it. Especially for a country like India with huge population,
sab log ghar pe baith gaye, toh chalega kaiseWhat? ‘In a way, it breaks your heart but it’s reality.

The biggest challenges in a career
The biggest challenge I faced was ‘acting from a modeling background’ because everyone takes you as a model,
Look Vagire Chalta Hai ‘But Acting Pe Bath Ajati Hai Sidha. Even if you put 100 per cent on your side, you feel good, are doing everything possible, and this stereotype of the ‘Model Turned Actor’ will not be easy. But yeah, breaking it as an actor and Touchwood is my job,
dheere dheere It’s breaking Or, it was broken with some characters. Now as of late, any of the characters I got in 2019 and 20 are going to be totally cluttered with viewers, because they are all completely different, more powerful characters.


Finding ways to cope with obstacles

The first obstacle is the film of the actor who changed into an actor and secondly, I am not from a movie background. But again, that’s the risk I chose,
Muje pata tha mera koi backing nahi hai, aap khud hi aye ho, kisain toh nahi bola tha anekeliye. So I took it as a challenge. I knew this was going to happen and I had to deal with it and continue working on it. So I have to make my own resources and contacts in the industry. I’ve done a little networking, met a lot of people, and your talent and your attitude are important.
Wo bhi farak kar ja hai, opka attitude bhee major hai And Touchwood
Muje koi attitude nahi hai. At the end of the day, we need to hone our talents. So that helped me a lot. Coming from a non-film background is not a drawback for me. At least I didn’t consider it. So these are the two major hurdles or I must say I had to overcome.

Staying in the cinema without the Godfather

Sometimes you have to do a lot of work for the money and I did it. I have made some films, although I do not regret making them but again I have signed up for the money. I thought the stories were good but
bante bante aapko pata chal jata hai It is not moving in the right direction. There was also finances to worry about. I have a family to run, how do I take care of their needs? Obviously, I had no support so there was no wealth of money. Although the film failed, I took it as a learning experience
Wah se profit toh nahi hua ‘per op sikh k toh nickle. So next time I am more mindful of things to keep in mind before doing a specific project. The last 10 years have taught me a lot, as a person, it has hardened my skin since I was very sensitive beforehand.


Scary debut
I was getting other offers for romantic films but couldn’t say ‘yes’ to those films because I didn’t feel like saying so. When ‘1920’ came to me, there was something in Vikramji’s narrative, his conviction, the
Chalisa Element. I was so inclined
Hanuman Chalisa From childhood and it was immediately connected to me and I said, ‘
Sir May Kar Raha Hun‘And I’m sorry to part with a horror movie. It was a very good and proud movie. Whenever the movie premieres, it’s still No. 1 on Star Gold. I get a lot of fan mail on it. So I’m proud of it.


Life post the debut image

In the six months of ‘1920’ we shot for ‘Fir’, but the film ran into problems with piracy. The film was earlier known as ‘Vaje’. Ada, Roshni Chopra and I were waiting for the release, but the team first tried to stop the pirated version on the internet, which took them six months and posted it, almost a year after the release. We did new packaging for the film, filming for a new promotional song and then the film came out. So it was a little too much for a newbie like me, Ada and Roshni, because my two years were in vain and the three of us were waiting for the wings to release the film. So it was a blow, but then ‘Dangerous Ishq’ happened. I started mixing TV and movies, which I thought was a good decision. As an actor, it was important to me to open more than just horror and thriller. I did a short musical drama ‘Ram Leela’ with Ajay Devgan for Vizcraft, which really helped me. Remo D’Souza was directing it. It was only after doing the ‘Fear Factor’ that I realized that I had to do TV every two years, because it was a great medium. Then I did ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ which gave me good reviews. With that, I understand that I am not following the fans not only on TV but also in the movies.

Managing Failures

There are only two things in life. You win or you learn. So I mean, even if you fail at something, you have to learn something or get out of it, a
Gar nahi kia tho depression May hi chale Jayange And I was always an athlete, I was an athlete in school and college, so having that competitive series in me was a very positive thing. I also played team sports and solo sports, so growing up somewhere helps me. It teaches me a lot. Sometimes it’s not in your hands because the whole team is giving their hundred percent. But regardless of what it is, what you gain from it is the important thing. So I end up learning something from it and move on quickly because you can’t sit on it too much, otherwise it will kill you internally.


Maintaining mental and physical health

Mental health is extremely important. I think it’s more important than your physical health. Only if you are mentally stable, calm and happy can you perform better physically and especially as an artist. The artist in you will die if you are not mentally well. You have to be in a very happy place, only then you can be creatively good.


Casting couch

Couch Toh Nahi but there was a casting, Because people have their own choices. They have their own people. But slowly and gradually after they see your work, they begin to call you for work. Not just casting, but everyone, from producers, to directors, each has their own choices .. They call their group of people comfortably before they do. Fortunately I didn’t encounter it but you have no favorite places. But I worked really hard to break it down so they called me one day after seeing my work and it happened. There were people who didn’t call me at the beginning but called me after seeing my work.

Maintaining family and work

It’s hard work. But then again I want balance in my life. Both my wife and my wife, Pallaway, have decided to marry automatically at age 24, and we are both ready. Somewhere down in the heart I decided to perform both. Acting is my passion and family is my life. Well, passion is your life but family becomes an important part of our lives. And now we have a daughter. Whenever I am at home, she accuses me. So everything is good.


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