Pune: Ranjitsinh Dzale, a teacher from Parithevadi in Solapur district of Maharashtra, won the USD 1 million USD Global Teacher Award, especially for women students for their use of QR codes, lectures and various innovative methods of teaching. .

Last month 10 teachers were shortlisted worldwide, of which on December 3, the UK was announced as the winner of the DISSAL.

“The effect of Ranjitsinh’s intervention is extraordinary: there are now no teenage marriages in the village and 100 per cent girls’ attendance at the school. Looks like a dream, ”the official website

“After we launched QR coded textbooks at our school in 2016, the state government sent a proposal to the Center on the usefulness of this technology. The center then sent a team to our school and, after studying the system, submitted a report to the committee and in 2018 the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) decided to incorporate QR codes into their textbooks, ”said Desile.

The page on the D ಡಿಸsale, which is placed on the official website of the Global Teacher Prize, describes his work and ‘the first school he taught was in a dilapidated building, sandwiched between a cattle shed and a storeroom. Most of the girls were from the tribal community who did not prioritize girls’ education, and the marriage practice of teenagers was common. Additionally, the curriculum was not in the student’s primary language (Kannada), which meant that many students were unable to achieve the expected learning outcomes. After much effort, Ranjitsinh learned Kannada and redesigned all textbooks in grades 1-4 for better comprehension, as well as unique QR codes embedded in audio poems, video lectures, stories and assignments in Kannada.

Diesel said he would like to share 50% of the prize money with the remaining nine teachers’ finalists. He says he will launch an initiative to ensure that at least 5000 students from the world’s war-affected countries are recruited to the peace army each year.


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