India’s leading university, innovation, technology and entrepreneurial spirit at the ICFI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) as India’s most acclaimed education brand for high quality education, holistic development and progressive opportunities for students.

ICFII Foundation of Higher Education (IFHE) – accredited with NAAC A + grade


Considered to be a university established under section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956, the ICFI Higher Education Foundation is one of India’s leading institutions of high quality education. Due to its exceptional grade of facilities and teaching standards, it is accredited by the NAAC A + grade with a 3.4 out of 4.

Student centered learning: With all the advantages offered by IFHE, there is a reason for it to be one of the most comprehensive student-centered learning centers. From the curriculum to campus, faculty, internships, accreditation and ation validation by national institutions, the ICFI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) is designed to integrate integral value into the lives of students. It focuses on providing students with comprehensive knowledge, first-hand experience and positive skills.

Components of IFHE: IFHE has four major components: ICFII Business School, ICFII Tech School, ICFII School of Architecture and ICFII Law School, which provide significant undergraduate and postgraduate and doctoral programs in management, science and technology, law and architecture. Etc. All these units are well educated in their respective fields. The student may choose the most appropriate fit from the various courses offered by IFHE, but the commitment of the institute to providing high-quality education and training is the same. IFHE ensures that students can acquire the knowledge, confidence and attributes they need to rise to a higher level in life.

Learning Infrastructure: With a campus sprawling over 92 acres, IFHE provides sophisticated housing in the form of girls ‘and boys’ hostels so that students can live and learn comfortably. As a university that promises comprehensive development for its students, IFHE also has extensive indoor and outdoor sports facilities. It enables students to develop sports-playing habits and learn a variety of skills such as discipline, teamwork, coordination, hard work. In addition, classrooms and lecture theaters are designed to ensure that the learning experience is enriching and effective. Classes are enabled with high-speed Internet connectivity and audiovisual tools that facilitate learning. The student library contains all sorts of learning materials such as journals, research reports, CDs, software packages.

Internship: As a premier educational institution, IFHE ensures that all students gain first-hand experience so that their theoretical knowledge is validated. Therefore, the internship programs offered at IFHE ensure that students go through the significant experience of preparing students to face the challenges of today’s corporate world. Internship programs take on the responsibility of ensuring that students are exposed to industry standards, beyond the confines of academia. IFHE has some excellent relationships with foreign universities to promote research and academic collaboration. Over the years, a number of major contracts have been signed with major institutions to serve the purpose of setting students up for better opportunities.

Large pool of exceptional quality faculty membersIn addition, the IFHE campus has a large and well-qualified pool of exceptional faculty members from diverse fields such as academic, research and industry experience. In addition to providing personal assistance to students, faculty members also serve as mentors who stay with students as they facilitate the journey towards unparalleled success. Faculty members are actually involved in research and consulting activities other than teaching. This gives students the confidence they need to reach out to faculty members for any help while expecting more support in return.

Diversity on campus: IFHE promotes multicultural growth by teaching unity to its students; By providing a platform where they can learn from each other and each other. Students from different cultures, cities and social backgrounds form a student community at IFHE. Student life on campus is a kind of experience that involves multifaceted growth. One tradition at IFHE is to allow students to become an integral part of the community by encouraging them to share their beliefs and ideologies openly. This is a place where students are motivated to develop a sense of acceptance of each other so that they can attain the best of all worlds.

Brand Story acknowledges the unparalleled contribution made by the ICFI Foundation for Higher Education in redefining high quality education and making it a consistent and consistent record. Brand story editor and director Shri Abhay Kaushik said, “As an institution, IFHE is setting a high standard of education in the country. IFHE’s contribution to promoting universal growth for students is commendable and highlights as a benchmark for academic training. Brand Story is honored to recognize IFHE as one of India’s most acclaimed education brand -2020 in the category of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurial Spirit. ”

Disclaimer: Content produced by the ICFII Foundation


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