AHMEDABAD: Medical colleges in Gujarat this year saw one or two but nine ‘Judwa couples’ admission to the MBBS study.

It was a dream come true for twin brothers Pinkesh Bapodaria and Prince Bapodaria and their parents.

Pinkesh is admitted to Surat Medical College after scoring 630 marks in NEET examination while his brother Prince is admitted to GMERS Medical College, Patan.

Going to his proud father Jayesh Bapodaria is not easy. He was a diamond polisher in Surat and had to sell family jewelery to pay his coaching class fees to break the NEET exams.

With a monthly income of around Rs 10,000, Bapodaria says he had to borrow from friends and relatives to pay a fee of Rs 3 lakh to get his son’s admission to the medical college in Patan. The twin boys have completed schooling from Jeevan Bharati Education School, Surat.

“Prince wanted to become a software engineer. I told them to choose a career in medicine, looking at their excellent academic achievement in the past. The other son always wants to be a doctor, ”said the father of the twins.

Over the past few years the number of twins admitted to medical colleges together has increased. About two years ago, a couple of such cases were not found. Last year, seven twins were admitted to medical colleges in Gujarat.

Like these twin brothers, twin sisters Krina Dobariya (NEAT score: 631 points) and Kenvi Dobariya (NEAT score: 574 points) are admitted to Pandit Dindayal Upadhyaya Medical College and Gotri GMRS Medical College in Rajkot for MBBS study.

His father, Sanjay Dobariya, a doctor of Ayurveda and surgery (BAMS), could not be more proud.

“I avoided going to MBBS course by some points. My twin daughters have fulfilled my dream, ”she said.

The two sisters who attended Rajkot’s premier school continued to support each other in their studies.

“My sister is very intelligent and has a much better grasp than me. She can memorize it very quickly, ”Kenvi said.

Take the case of Gondal-based Janvi Mithapara and Janki Mithapara. Janki (NEAT Score: 516 points) secured medical position at GMERS Medical College, Vadnagar, while Jhanvi (NEAT Score: 563 points) has been admitted to Shah Government Medical College, Jamnagar MP. The sisters did not attend any coaching class or take tuition. Instead, they relied on each other to solve problems to crack the NEET.

His father, Sailash Mithapara, is a diamond polisher who tells his daughters he is determined to complete his studies and earn a bachelor’s degree.

Sailash Mithapara, who has four children in total, said he had taken a loan to pay the daughter’s fee to Vadnagar Medical College.

For the humble background labor contractor Jayesh Khatra, his daughter Devanshi (NEAT score: 523 points) was always brighter than her twin brother Devansh (NEAT score: 500 points). But when they both make it to medical colleges, there is no limit to their happiness. Devanshi is admitted to GCS Medical College while Devansh is admitted to K Shah Medical College and Research Center, Ahmedabad. His father says he is looking to benefit from some government projects to fund his twin children’s college education.

Though Rahil Talati scored 641, he was admitted to the NHL Municipal Medical College, which made him eligible for admission to Government Medical Colleges. But for this, he chose the NHL, where his twin brother, Rushil (NEAT score: 570 points), took medical care.

Like the twins, Divya Prajapati with a score of 536 and Disha Prajapati with 529 marks are admitted to the same college – GMERS Medical College, Himmatnagar.


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