Challenges make life interesting and overcoming them can make life meaningful.


Shri Ram Universal School, (TSUS) Hyderabad has once again demonstrated unparalleled resilience in its pursuit of excellence and has proven that challenges are only opportunities to grow. Guided by the school’s vision statement, there is constant pressure to create sensitive individuals who are adequately responsive to the world events around them. A crisis like the epidemic needs to reinforce the 3-way handshake. Parent, school and child contact called for constructive and planned consolidation.

When the epidemic presented the world of education with an unpredictable and uncertain future, TSUS embraced the challenge with a keen and progressive approach. Academics at TSUS are consciously preparing students for real-world challenges, enabling them to face uncertainties and empower them to face turbulent times. He left no stone unturned to teach students to become independent decision makers, adaptable, resilient and open minded.

Communication is KEY.

Continued communication offers an association that helps build trust and trust. A well-crafted project involving two-way communication and continuous feedback was instrumental in laying the foundation for rapid change in the virtual world. Emails, telecalls, parenting surveys, workshops, contacting informal virtual parents over a cup of tea can help achieve collective goals. They believe in partnering with parents to ensure that school and home are mutually exclusive.

Fresh and novel ways of building a strong virtual connection were launched. Shri Samvad, a forum for conducting a heart-to-heart conversation with parents, webinars and perspectives, was held to ensure that the line of communication remained dynamic and continuous.


Mr. Sathi, a counseling facility was established to reach out to parents and students in the event of any emotional distress. Sensitivity, one of the core values ​​of The Sri Ram Universal School, is the driving force behind going the extra mile to test the well-being of parents and students through personal courtesy calls. In addition, a dedicated time is devoted to connecting with students ’‘ sparkling Saturdays ’, social-emotional connections, with peers and teachers.

TSUS staff develops a culture of well-being, arguably, during the epidemic, with innovative ways of alleviating stress and bonding. Getting them involved in therapeutic art workshops like ‘Meditate with Mandala’ is just one of many initiatives in that direction. International Yoga Day expanded the idea for students, parents and staff alike. Complimentary emails, heart-warming feedback, and special notes for teachers in MS teams serve as fuel to sustain a high level of motivation.

One of the best practices, Mr. Milap – is another stress buster for the monthly All-Hands Meet team TSUS. In addition to breaking the monotony of work, this special connection helps foster a culture of collaboration and trust.

Sharpening the jigsaw


In TSUS, the teaching methodology, values, curriculum and curriculum activities follow ‘Sri Dari’, which recognizes the individuality of each child and allows the child to flourish at his / her own pace. Emphasis is placed on practical learning so that the child learns by doing. Teachers have made great efforts to bring online tools for experiential learning in the virtual classrooms.

The use of Augmented Reality (AR) to describe concepts struck an appropriate chord with students as they anchored learning on many levels. Continuous training, learning and collaboration ensured that the transition to the real world was seamless.

Acharya Deo Bhava – Academic Convention was honored this October by virtue of reorganization of the teaching community of Sri Ram Universal School, Hyderabad in the academic year 2019-20. This is the second edition with the theme of Celebrate Teachers. The purpose of the conference was to reach out to thought leaders and education experts from across the country as the need for collaboration and connectivity was essential in these unprecedented times. The conference was an opportunity for all stakeholders to introspect and rethink education and education.

Virtual learning media has opened many avenues to advance learning. A remarkable achievement is the extraordinary science exhibition in which TSUS students conducted several experiments using available resources. This Hallmark event showcased the scientific prowess of the students across India’s Mr Educare partner schools.

Striking the balance


The need for a child’s creative expression and physical activity for the release of structural energy is understood, acknowledged and fulfilled in TSUS. Given this critical aspect of well-being, TSUS Hyderabad has made a conscious effort to include activity classes in the daily child schedule.

At the launch of the 21-day Lockdown in India, they were thrown to students across the globe in the form of ‘Sri Art Challenge – An Artist in Yourself’.

At TSUS, events are an important part of the teaching- learning process. It is seen as a combination of expression, perspective, talent and skills that lead to immense learning. Values ​​are fostered in students through a variety of thoughtfully designed events.

Partnership with Torins Academy, a pioneer in music education in the country, is another conscious effort to ensure constructive engagement in devising innovative ways of teaching music during the epidemic. These music classes include body percussion, beat boxing, house percussion and vocals. The latest achievement in the form of a collaborative video released on Children’s Day is an impassioned blend of student learning.

The school is home to a vibrant and dedicated community that celebrates and practices art in the form of public speaking, visual arts, music, dance and drama. Ensuring that students are nurtured holistically, they were provided with a variety of forums for creative expression.

All aspects of school life, including Student Council elections, meetings, Teachers’ Day and Independence Day, Founder’s Day, Van Mahotsav, Science Expo, Shri Hankar, Hindi Divas and Telugu Language Days were apologized online.


Thus, each challenge has turned into an opportunity and has paved the way for students of TSUS to learn and grow together. Proper demeanor, growth mindset and consistent vision have made Shri Ram Universal School of Hyderabad stand out amidst running time.

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