New Delhi: The 26th edition of the CBSE Annual Sisterhood Conference on ‘Building Capabilities in Challenging Times’ will be held online on December 11-12, officials said. The CBSE sister school complexes are a group of affiliated neighborhood schools that voluntarily come together to share best practices and innovative strategies for school education, as well as curriculum design, assessment, education and regular capacity building for teachers.

Currently, there are over 200 active CBSE sister school clusters nationwide.

“Union Minister of Education Ramesh Pokhriel will attend the inauguration of ‘Nishank’ and Karnataka Primary and Secondary Education Minister Suresh Kumar, which will be broadcast live,” a CBSE statement said.

The main theme of the conference was “Building Capabilities in Challenging Times”, with the sub-themes focusing on technology as the cornerstone of an all-inclusive learning environment, building students’ strengths and supporting weaknesses as authentic and meaningful learning opportunities.

Other sub-topics of the conference include honoring appropriate skills for building competencies with future preparation, mind and heart productive management head, and research and inquiry as a tool by powerful teachers to implement change in the classroom

“This national conference is perceived as a major milestone in setting the goals of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 because it provides a platform to lift the key issues outlined in the NEP. And what are the methods? ”The statement said.

“The focus of the conference will be on creating a blueprint for action, advocacy, collaboration and cooperation among all CBSE schools. The sessions will facilitate discussions, reflections and resolutions on key areas that will emerge for the future,” it added.


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