How can a declined review call prove so expensive? Enough as India learned the hard way on Tuesday. Matthew Wade, who scored 50, added another 30. More importantly, the Australian opener played a supporting role for Glenn Maxwell in partnership with the 90-run third wicket, which became the backbone of Australia’s 186. The Aussies proved enough to defend their third T20I victory in Sydney on Tuesday and save a few of the pride of the already decided series for India.
Deep-fielding Virat Kohli did not know how close he was to T Natarajan’s stumps when Wade crashed into his pad. However, wicketkeeper and deputy captain KL Rahul could have responded earlier.
By the time Kohli signs up for the review, the replay is already on the giant screen. Is it shown too soon? At least Kohli said so. As the replays showed, Wade could have been leg-before and the golden opportunity had been missed. If the replay really does override the time allowed for the review, the TV crew will definitely have plenty of time to answer.

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Despite their 2-1 win in the series, Men in Blue need to put out several rough spots. It is not acceptable to outdo the spinner (in this case Chahal), which is very costly for India. Also, there should be good DRS communication for reference between players, especially if the captain is fielding in depth. The delay hurt India badly. In addition, India dropped an alarming number of catches – at least two per match. This also needs to be corrected.

India eventually ended up at 174/7, 12 runs short from Australia, and condemned Kohli’s missed criticism. He will also run a couple of overs later, Eugenendra Chahal no-ball, which saw Maxwell catch skiing and walking almost to the pavilion. The middle-order batsman continued to live a fascinating life, but Maxwell’s 54 Wade was as decisive as his 80s. The 38-run skip by Deepak Chahr, who used his chances, abandoned switch-hits as the debate raged on.

Kohli, who scored a stunning 85, also clinched the starting lifeline. When the Indian captain was nine years old, Steve Smith allowed the sitter to slip. Opposition will not be punished after Kohli is dropped. Smith kept his heart in his mouth for as long as Kohli was.

On Tuesday, the Indian captain did not receive much support from others. Shikhar Dhawan was 28th. Hardik Pandya’s magic didn’t work, though there was a brief glimpse of hope. It required a steep 76 runs in 30 balls, which was impossible in the last five overs, even if Kohli and Pandya were in the crease. But Daniel Sam’s 20 is over, and the match is on.

However, the excitement was short-lived as Adam Jampa had one of the Pandya’s halftime in the 18th over. The competition was virtually over and Kohli exited soon after. India may have lost the match in the middle overs, often unable to collect enough runs with a spin. The run-rate required for the last 5-6 overs is always 15 difficult. It is too much to expect Pandya to deliver every time.

Aaron Finch, on his return from injury, was unable to contribute with the bat, but his captaincy and bowling changes were noted. Some of their top scores are rotating their bowlers, mixing spin and speed, and getting the ball right.


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