Hyderabad: There seems to be no end to cunning at the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA). In a shocking revelation that came to light this weekend, it was revealed that the XXV Additional Chief Justice City Civil Court had approved the order on November 17 (IA / 1/2020 in OP 17/2020). HCA is Ombudsman and Moral Officer Justice (Retired) Deepak Verma. But most of the Apex Council members, including President Mohammed Azharuddin, were not aware of the order.
One of the HCA clubs, the Budding Star Cricket Club, has filed a case against the HCA for appointing an ombudsman / ethics officer without the consent of the general body. The case was filed on November 5 and a notice was sent to the HCA. Defendant’s Apex Council’s decision to declare Petitioner’s petition as “Ombudsman-cum-Ethics Officer unlawful, arbitrary, in violation of the Memorandum of Association and the Rules and Regulations of the Respondent Association 2018”.
A hearing was then held and the order was approved on November 17. When the court permits the application, “the decision of the defendant Apex Council meeting held on June 6 to appoint Honorable Justice Deepak Verma as Ombudsman-cum-Moral Officer has been suspended till the dismissal of Chief PSROP No. 17 of 2020.” The next hearing date is set for January 21.
Why were HCA officials not aware of the order? Who appeared on behalf of the defendant (HCA)? President Mohammed Azharuddin said: “The order surprises me because the HCA is a defendant in the case filed by Member Club Budding Stars Cricket Club and as the HCA President, I am not aware of the case.”
Claiming that the association has been conspired by some vested interests, the former India leader said: “The HCA address in the petition is the residential address of the HCA Secretary (R Vijayanand), rather than the registered address of the HCA. This is equivalent to complete misconduct.
“As you all know, Ombudsman Justice Deepak Verma has filed a complaint against the Secretary. He has also issued a notice to him. Applicants seem to have deliberately filed the application. They are facing Ombudsman notices, which has caused Hyderabad cricket much harm,”
Attempts to reach Secretary Vijayananda were proved futile because they did not respond to calls.
Sources said the petition filed in court was an attempt to review the appointment of an ombudsman. “The order was hidden from everyone to bring it in only on the AGM that was to be held on November 29. Unfortunately, the AGM was withdrawn. But the interesting thing is that only the resumes seem to be interested in the appointment of the Ombudsman. Why are the applicants not interested in other appointments such as the CEO and CFO?


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