KARACHI: A top official of the Pakistan Cricket Board has made it clear that Babur Azam has been appointed as the captain for three forms.
“As long as Ehsan Mani and I are on the board of Pakistan, I can assure you that Babar will remain the leader.
“We appointed him captain because he was our best batsman, young and mentally strong and he wanted to take on three forms of responsibility,” PCB chief executive Wasim Khan said in an interview.

When he reminded the PCB official of the ever-changing and cutting edge of Pakistan cricket, he insisted that Babur was there for a long time.
“We thought he was our best option because he has a good future. He’s our best batsman and getting better every day. When we first tested him as a leader in white ball formats, we found him mentally strong.
“That’s why we thought Azar Ali did his best when the time came. But now it’s time to start decorating Babar and making him a test hero,” Khan said.
He said he had a discussion with President Mani Babar and later decided he was ready for the job.
“Babur himself showed keen interest in becoming a Test captain and assured us that he could handle the pressures and it would not affect his batting,” Khan added.


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