Education: The tables turn for students with this zodiac. You have been planning to make something new since long ago, December has bought you luck and resources. December brings you the clarity of what you want to pursue in higher education. You can find the right friends and platform to showcase your talent. The best search ends this month.
Career: For people who are waiting to leave their monotonous job and want to start something new on their own, this is your time. You represent your organization on a high-level platform and deliver it with good scores. Your company will think of you as their representative on overseas trips. Work hard and work smarter. Planets in your zodiac are on your side and it will bring you success.
Business: The financial sectors of your business are stable this month. You will be able to resuscitate the loss caused by the epidemic. Investing is lucky this month and you can expect a good return. Stay away from the devil business this month and double check the facts before you sign any terms and conditions or any other legal documents. Avoid unnecessary expenses in updating your workplace and try to explain it to your spouse.
Love: Venus drives your attention on materialistic pleasures and worldly things, which frustrates your best friend. Your love life may feel a little complicated but it’s all about the relationship; Bring calmness to confusion. Express your love through significant gestures. By the end of the month, you are more likely to have a weekend trip with your loved one.
Marriage: Domestic issues in your home can affect your marriage but how you deal with your spouse’s emotional drain is completely up to you. You need to restore trust in the heart of your life partner. Leaving your children at home and going on a trip will help you reconnect. Your wedding is expecting romantic days and may be the end of December.
Children: A newly married couple can plan a baby this month. Your children expand their circles by connecting with their cousins. Your children will become the best siblings in this difficult time. You don’t have to worry about their health; He may suffer from a little cold but will soon recover.
– By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


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