Education: The intellectual touch will diminish slightly by the end of the month but you will participate in extracurricular activities and develop an intense interest in indoor games. The projects and presentations you are preparing for will be better than you expected. You will lean towards spiritual education in a short period of time and it will have a positive impact on you.
Career: You will be opening a trunk of good news this month. You will be blessed with such opportunities. If you are looking forward to changing your workplace, do not consider doing this before the last week of this month.
Business: The business is at its peak and will bring you glory this month. Avoid buying shares and investing in mutual funds this month. Your business partner tests your loyalty. If you think in the right mind, you will pass it with flying colors. Over the past week, I have had the good fortune of buying a business property.
Love: Take your spouse to dinner and clear up the misunderstandings created. Bring charm and vitality into your life. However, when you look apart, you must remember that you must be mature for love. In a relationship, our words and actions contribute to sustaining and nurturing it. It helps if you are in balance. Otherwise, any sign of immaturity can disrupt the relationship.
Marriage: The marital life of Sagittarius natives is going smoothly and well this month. There may be little difference in opinions that create conflicts when discussing the future of children but gradually things will calm down and get back on track.
Children: Your children may have a wandering mind and you need to support them while talking to them. Protect them from witchcraft by bringing them closer to religious practices. They may be a bit of a problem to handle this month but gradually improve their behavior.
– By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


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