Education: December Horoscope The mid-month period seems promising for those seeking higher education abroad. Hundreds of hindrances and objections surround your academic life as Rahu moves into your fifth house.
Do not mislead the faith and remain determined on the road to victory. Also, avoid engaging in any conflict or gossip and focus on your education, as you tend to turn. Nevertheless, Saturn and Jupiter’s spell on your zodiac sign between months will last until the end, and it will help you achieve better results in your tests when facing difficulties. Yet, they must settle on the effort and strive to reach their goal, because it does not accomplish anything quickly. Rahu enrollment for your fourth home will help you develop in your study, and study in the information technology fields will achieve specific success.
Career: You will definitely thrive in terms of career. You love working and you shoot hard and it makes you a piece of cake and because of this you will make abundant progress. You will also get some new job offers but try to avoid them, or make no decision quickly if you acquire them. Take your time for this and then choose it. Your communication skills are very helpful in terms of marketing your company and that is why everyone appreciates you.
Business: Locals of Aquarius can definitely get a vehicle this month. Financially your siblings will strengthen you if you are planning to relocate to your new home. They can help you start a new business. If you invest in the stock market it will make no difference in increasing your financial stability. You may have banking related problems but don’t worry about it because they are unstable.
Love: Don’t worry about love and romance this month because the results you get at the end are very common. This month is ideal if you want to strengthen your relationships. You can go together for a tour and you will enjoy it. Moreover many people gravitate towards you but do not go to such distractions. Think twice before taking any step.
Marriage: The Aquarius native has a pretty normal marital life this month. There may be some disputes with your spouse but you should be able to resolve it quickly and this is a good time to take your spouse on a trip. Try not to surprise yourself with tickets before buying them. Try to forgive for all the minute errors your partner has made and it will only increase the stamina.
Children: Your children are likely to get married this month. Furthermore, if you have a daughter, allow her to go abroad for higher education this month. You can also buy electronic gadgets for your children this month. This will benefit them and for this reason, they will be more connected to you.
– By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


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