Education: This is your best version of the month. The Scorpio natives meet intellectuals at family gatherings and get the answers they crave. Avoid getting into serious arguments with your elders or teachers. Set goals to achieve them before the year is over and run in the right direction at the right pace and you will surely succeed. Scorpio natives are blessed with the natural talent to perceive things faster and you can take advantage of it by attending webinars. Try to stay focused and grounded when it comes to studying. Ganesha says, you will rise this month.
Career: Your communication skills will bring you to the front seat in terms of a career. By the end of this month you will get desirable results. Your colleagues admire your confidence but some of them misinterpret your honesty but don’t worry because your escape will come. You can think about continuing your work for a long time.
Business: Your single ventures need the attention of business analysts, but your partnering industry is full of pending returns. Saturn’s transit in Capricorn is bringing good results this month. If you are waiting for your product to laugh or re-launch, this is the right time for you to do so. You can take responsibility for your legal matters related to the business this month.
Love: You can take it a step further and get your parents to meet your spouse. You can also think of formal formal offer at your spouse’s home. Your relationship with your lover grows subtle and deep. Love is still thriving and growing.
Marriage: Your wedding is good to go this month. Your spouse turns into your friend and you are more likely to have open and honest conversations together. Family gathering on the 16th helps you understand each other better.
Children: You kids will be traveling in a pink pot of health this month. They are blessed with creative insight. They focus on what to remove from their lives and what not. Rahu may be adversely affected in the second half of the month and anyone can cheat them so be warned and be careful about whom they meet
– By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


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