Education: Your month is going to be really good in terms of education. Students in school and college should visit the religious site once. You may not even have enough to remember if you have tests in your head, so you have to be smart and work hard at the time. This month will give you better results if you get good results in the end. You are a very artistic person and you do not like discipline. Try to participate in drama, music and dance related activities. If you can’t concentrate, try meditating for at least 30 minutes a day. Spend some time with yourself. Solitude is all you need.
Career: You may need to take care of your career this month. Your growth will increase if you travel. If you go on any of the trips you have to stay there longer to get the best results. Try not to mix your personal and professional life otherwise you will face harsh consequences. Your projects that are stalled will gain momentum. You may need to travel to places where your bosses say they are.
Business: Your financial position will increase and you will make some profit. Because of your past actions, such as massive investments, you are more likely to take advantage of them this month. You can sell your property this month and you will get more than your estimated amount. There are opportunities for young and still unemployed to find employment in some reputable companies. If you are planning to start a business there are chances that your father will help you. Be content with what you get, don’t be greedy.
Love: The person in the relationship can tell their family members about the love life and plan to tie the knot. Family behaviors are more likely to respond positively and you are blessed by God. Set aside your anger and pride when you are dealing with your dear spouse at that time and handle your love life carefully. Trust your spouse and try to handle them subtly. Physically connect with your partner if you want to strengthen your bond. Many people see your relationship as very good and they are jealous of you, such people try to break your bond but you both have to be together.
Marriage: Pisces’ marital life is not so bad. Whenever you are conversing with your spouse or you are in some conflict with them at that time, set aside your pride. This is not a good time to plan for the baby this month, everything is settled and okay. During this time you practice constant efforts to please your partner
Children: Your children may need your help this month. Due to the epidemic, they may not be able to study properly so this is a good time to invest in your children. Try connecting some online education apps that will enhance your child’s learning. This month you can turn your child into some creative stuff so allow them to participate in extracurricular activities. Because of that, you will be able to explore your child’s abilities with something you have never seen before. Be polite with them and let them do whatever they want. Go with the flow.
– By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


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