Education: Students engaged in the creative field perform well. This month is very appropriate to take on the challenges. There is a great opportunity for students who are planning to fly abroad for higher education. Your professor will give you the right guidance. Make sure you listen to them.
Career: Your work life this month will surely disappoint you. The efforts you make will be in vain. You become tired and stressed. Someone will guide you towards the new job and you should definitely take it. Last week brings you some comfort. Try to maintain your attitude in your workplace.
Business: There may be some disputes and arguments between you and your spouse. A difference of opinion can lead to these problems. The alignment of Saturn and Jupiter will hurt your plans but if it is good, you should look at your foreign affairs. Give God some time and He has good plans.
Love: This is definitely yours. Winter brings you the warmth of love. Try to communicate with your spouse about your insecurities. You are most likely going to take a short trip with your spouse. By the end of the month, your partner may be thinking about tying the knot next year.
Marriage: Peace and harmony will be maintained. No health problem will hurt any of you. Your spouse is happy with who you are so don’t always worry. If there is any problem on the domestic front, try to understand your spouse’s perspective as well. Winter vacation is on the line.
Children: Your children need to be genuinely concerned about their health and hygiene. If you are a child, your mother will be happy this month to see your progress. Your children should be concerned about unfaithful peers. By the end of the month, you’ll have a great family short trip with the kids.
– By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


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